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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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all congratulations and good luck. a wonderful, wonderful scene. that's it for me tweet me at wolf blitzer. you can tweet the show. please be sure to join us. you can watch us live and you can dvr the show so you won't miss a moment. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- up "outfront." a link between the case of hannah graham and one other case. and new details about the white house fence jumper. he actually made it well past the front door of the white house. evening knocking down an agent. we have that report coming up. plus the man accused of beheading a woman in oklahoma. now reports that he waxed beheading videos online. let's go "outfront."
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a major break in the case of missing uva student hannah graham. police say they have found a connection between suspect and the graham case. and another college student who disappeared five years ago after a rock concert. her body was found months later. athena jones is live in virginia. could we be talking about a serial killer? >> reporter: that's the big question here. that other unsolved murder of the other college student, morgan harrington, happened five years ago. and while it is too soon to know for sure, this new development has people wondering how many other cases could this suspect be linked to? police are calling it a quote, significant break. evidence that could link the suspect at the center of hannah gram's disappearance to another missing female student. morgan harrington who was later found murdered. >> there is a suspect and possibility of a link to
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morgan's murder. and i am so pleased that that has happened but it doesn't change a lot for us. >> reporter: state police say forensic evidence found in the three separate churches. morgan harrington was found dead in 2010. cops have confirm that human remains found on a charlottesville, virginia farm are indeed those of the beautiful 20-year-old co-ed. >> reporter: a 20-year-old student, she went missing after a metallica concert in october 2009. the t-shirt harrington was wearing the night she disappeared was found about a mile from where hannah graham was last seen. the pair among several young women who have disappeared in the last several years raising questions about whether the cases are linked. harrington's mother raised the issue on "outfront." >> i don't know if it is a cluster phenomena that is kind of a coincidence or if it is a pattern of a predator.
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>> until now, police resisted making the connection. >> it is easy to see why people would ask that question but i don't have enough facts before me to make that determination. >> reporter: now virginia state police are pursuing unspecified friendsic evidence linking harrington and matthew. if that evidence holds up, there could be yet another victim linked to the suspect. according to an fbi statement from 2012, the suspect in the harrington case matched the dna profile from a 2005 sexual assault in fairfax, virginia. now morgan harrington's remains were found on a farm about 10 miles away from where she went missing. authorities are still searching for hannah graham. meanwhile, jesse matthew is set to appear in court thursday morning for a bond hearing. >> thank you very much. now out front, the criminologist casy jordan and ed smart, whose daughter elizabeth was abducted and survived. thanks to all three of you.
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now that you see this laid out, do you think this is a serial killer? >> i have to tell you that i agree that you can't jump to not could cloogss. fat earn increasingly does link. if you look at all of the women who have gone missing, in the last four years, there are at least four and some say up to nine. they all disappear in september, october. they're all 18 to 20 years old. they look similar. and what you really have that is most compelling is that dna link between the suspect in that 2005 sexual assault that matches morgan harrington, and the sketch produced in 2005 looks dramatically like jesse matthew. all of this links to the fact he was expelled in 2002 for an alleged sexual assault. so there's something about the pattern of the fall dates, the age of the victims, and he has a history of this sort of thing. and it is amazing at this point, there have been discussion.
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you heard morgan harrington's mother say to me, there is a cluster phenomenon. this was not something the police have looked into. so you have four different cases. does it sound to you they're related? >> to me? >> yes. i'm sorry. to ed. >> to ed. >> you know, to me, it certainly sounds that way. when you start talking about dna evidence, that puts a, i think the biggest issue is we have to stay focused on finaling hannah. i mean, until she is found, i mean, she could be out there. we need to focus on that. to me it sounds very suspicious, and i hope they can come to the conclusion on it soon. >> and let me ask you. virginia state police stay arrest of jesse matthew provided in their words, a significant break in the case because there's a forensic link.
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do you have any idea what that link could be? as ed just pointed out, there has not been a body found. hannah could be alive. we do not know that she is dead. what could this evidence be? >> here's what it could be. it could be dna. it would be really interesting if it is. this issue just came up last year. the use supreme court ruled just based on probable cause, you may take a dna swab. that was a really close call to the supreme court. what a difference even this case might be if that had not been the result. but now if they have swabbed him and gotten his dna, that could provide the scientific link. but it is a rule that very easily last year could have gone the other way. either way, ultimately, if they wrap up that case before they provide a link, now they've got leverage to use against him and hold him to bring some kind of force against him to give up
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some information. >> part of me is so shocked that you could have four cases, if it is related, that it is jesse matthew to blame, that it is the serial killer. that it took this long to find out. it seems rather shocking. when i spoke to morgan's mother. the girl that was found dead five years ago. here's why the mother has. she believes these cases are linked all the way along. >> predators, like when i go to the mall. i park in the sail place every time. that's where i know i'll find my car. predators are also creatures of hasn't and we hope one such has not taken hannah. >> what i want to ask you. everybody that we have talked to who says they knew matthew at some point in his life have describe him as a gentle giant. we heard the word genuine. we've heard the word spiritual. would that profile fit a serial killer? >> well, there is no one perfect profile of a serial killer. i can tell that you a serial
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kill here just died this month, kendall francois looked dramatically like jesse matthew. everyone described him as a gentle giant. and he killed eight women as well. and you know, he had a job as a middle school monitor. so you cannot, you never judge a book by its cover. keep in mine that predators are extremely patient. and we always hear when we finally capture them. everyone says, i have no idea. that's why they're successful. that's how they get away with it biffle virtue of the fact they are successful. that's why they are able to rack up that number of victims. i would not be surprised to find out that mr. matthew is accountable for more than the disappearance of hannah graham. >> and what is your view on that, ed? when you hear the descriptions. gentle, genuine, spiritual. >> well, i think that you cannot judge anyone by these comments.
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dna as mentioned earlier has been a very, very controversial issue. this speaks loudly to the need to get dna on felony arrests in all of the states. there are, i believe, 28 that have passed some sort of legislation. this is critically important. it help parents find the predators and it is something we need to do. >> if they are not able to find hannah graham, will they have enough dna now when you look at the cases that are a few years old box the dna still exist in such a state that they could final this answer definitively as to whether jesse matthew. >> as long as it is preserved properly, you can match it later on, even years later, as long as i pre served properly. i don't know if they have any dna for hannah graham. we don't have a lot of knowledge about any crime scene or anything like that. again, those older cases, if
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they can develop the dna evidence and create a match, it is usually one, no mere chance. >> out front next. cnn has learned the name of the man charged in the beheading in oklahoma. plus, the warning signs of extremism that abruptly and dramatically appeared on his facebook page. and isis gaining on a kurdish town on turkey's border. there are new fears of a massacre. new details. what we found out earlier was frankly false. it turns out he got in the front door, knocked over an agent and well into the white house. how? when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here
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officials are preparing to charge a man accused of beheading awol in the united states. this was in oklahoma. officials say the suspect out in nolen converted to islam and then his views turned extreme. he posted images of osama bin laden and even a beheading on his facebook page. he had just lost his job at a food processing plan and attack the first person he saw there. only the david mattingly is "outfront" in owing. >> reporter: to the people who worship, he was just a little more than a face in the crowd. he never spoke out, never raising suspicion and never
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attracting the attention of the mosque leaders. >> what did you know about this man? >> to be quite honest with you, not much. when i saw his picture, he didn't look familiar although he could blend in quite well with the community here. >> reporter: before anyone noticed nolen at the mosque, he is already left seemingly ominous comments on facebook including pictures of osama bin laden, an apparently beheading and smoke pouring out of the world trade central. within weeks of his arrival, he posted this. shari'a law is coming. >> what does that mean? >> i have no idea. like you, i look at his facebook page. and i've seen a lot of weird stuff. >> if you had seen that before, what would you have done in. >> well, if you look at his facebook page you would realize that he had 1450 friends. none of them are muslims and
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none are from oklahoma city. >> the muslim community demonstrated against isis and he spoke out against isis in a sermon. but no one knows if nolen was there to hear it. this person remembers sitting next to nolen but only once. >> i was sitting right about here. >> was he sitting here? >> the very last seat. >> you were this close to him. >> yes. he always sat there. >> mohammed is a former navy s.e.a.l. he said nolen put his koran on the floor. something anyone with basic training would know that's not allowed. >> he sat there with his head real still. he look like he was thinking more than listening. he seem far away. like he wasn't here. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the oklahoma muslim community has had to answer questions like this. convicted 9/11 conspirator zacarias moussaoui had ties to oklahoma taking flight lessons high pressure in 2001.
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mosque leaders say they are receiving threats and security has been raised at oklahoma city mosques. and that the plant where this happened, authorities are back at work but it is not just another day at the office. before every shift, employees gather, they're meeting and they're encouraged to talk. they are providing them with grief counsellors if necessary. outside you would know very little has changed exempt for a small memorial, a cross, and a few american flags. >> merge flags. david mattingly, thank you. "outfront," sergeant jeremy lewis of the oklahoma police department. in terms of where nolan is right now, he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon. my understanding is not charged with terrorism. are you ruling that out? >> reporter: we are not. that's really not part of our investigation. that will be up to the filibuster. that's the portion they're covering.
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>> so nolen's mother release ad video statement on facebook and i wanted to play it with you. >> i know my son. my son was raised up in a loving home. my son was raised up believing in god. that's what he believed in. my son was a good kid. you know, i know what they are saying, that he done, but i'm going to tell you this. that's not my son. there are two sides to every story. and we're only hearing one. >> when you hear his mother talking, and speak with passion, he was raised to believe in god. we're only hearing one side of the story. do you think there is another side to the story? >> of course there are two sides to every story. >> and do you have any sense on what the other side of nolen is? at this point? >> well, i know that investigators, whenever they
4:19 pm
interviewed him, he has confessed to a lot of this which we will have in our probable cause affidavit which led to us file charges which hopefully will come down tomorrow. >> is there any sense you can give us of how he's been in those interrogations? you mentioned that he has been cooperating. any sense of how he's hand himself or what impressions they have of him? >> well, he was very cooperative and very forthcoming. as soon as we're able to release the probable cause of a david, it will add a little more insight to that. he really didn't, it wasn't, he wasn't trying to hide anything. he was very forthcoming and cooperative with our detectives. >> when we spoke last, you said he said some things that prompted you to go to the fbi. it deals with his extremist views and the social media views of beheadings and osama bin laden. is there anything more you can tell us about that moment there?
4:20 pm
go? that prompted you to say we need to bring in the fbi? >> well, the manner that the crime was commit was one. and then just interviewing witnesses, co-workers, and other thing i can't go into. initially it was just the interviews with koeco-workers a the manner the crime was committed. >> thank you for joining us only the. >> thank you. counter terrorism expert, there was a clear change in the types of messages nolen was posting. it was song lyrics and football comments all the of a sudden it is osama bin laden, beheadings, pictures of the world trade center. have you seen this kind of an abrum transformation before? >> yes, quite frequently. not just american. i saw it in talking to my european colleague and colleagues in the middle east lt one of the surprising thing if americans had sat over my
4:21 pm
shoulder watching the threat table for ten years. how quickly someone who is emotionally motivated can switch on from being someone who sits next to you at church or in a mosque and appears normal and all of a sudden, starts to say, i want to most something about osama bin laden on a website. it happened all the time. >> and it happens incredibly quickly. pretty suddenly. go ahead. >> one of the things that i found really disturbing that you saw in this case was speed. if you want to try to get in the middle of a terrorism or a violent crime case like this one, ugth if you're looking from the outside that you might have months of radicalization. the problem in an open society to be a security officer at a place like the fbi, you might have days or weeks before someone who again appears normal decides to become violent. the time period is very limited. which i think would surprise a lot of people. i think they're under the impression that this does take a lot of time. it takes indoctrination. you're saying it can ham very
4:22 pm
abruptly. i'm curious about what his motivation might have been. this whole area of terrorism or not. how does one define that term? >> the fbi has to investigate to prove the negative. it looks like he was mentally incompetent. to declare this a terrorist case, you have to have a political motivation. not a workplace violence motivation. and it has to be a case against noncombatants. given what they've seen the bureau has to take a look. >> we've done work on terror finance and you see people posting pictures of the world trade center, raising money openly for extremists. it is out there. you see this happening on facebook. isn't this something someone should notice? frankly, if not the fbi, should not facebook notice it? >> i tell you, one of the problems i have in this case, clearly one issue is free speech. let's put that aside. i think i mentioned, what
4:23 pm
americans like to be surprised at if they sat at the threat table. i've wondered going out with friends and family, what americans would have thought if they sat with me every day. and i'll tell you one thing they would have found. volume. you see periodically in a newspaper on cnn a case like this crop up. if you watch the volume. cases we dealt with every day, when someone was contemplating an act of violence, you would be appalled. 99% never reach the news. the volume issue is something most americans would be surprised at. this happens all the time. >> so you're saying, separate from the issue of whether anyone should be raising more flags on the corporate level, you're saying basically it is inevitable. you can stop, some some don't act but something will happen. >> that's correct. if you look at terrorism cases, the fbi has thousands open. it is just someone saying i'm going out and doing something. same thing happens with white
4:24 pm
supremacists. a lot are never going to do anything. who will be the one where the light switch is on one night and he says, i'm going in and i'm going to do this. the volume we saw at the threat table is astronomical. you can't handle it all with 330 million people. >> the most terrifying thing. isis militants are gaining ground. in an exclusive interview you'll see "outfront." they are preparing for anything the united states can bring. plus, news. the white house fence jumper. how did he make it past an agent way into the white house and why did the secret servant tell as you totally different story? and hong kong facing the biggest unrest in decades. narrator: these are the tennis shoes skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested by teenagers and cried out for help. from the surprised designers. who came to the rescue with a brilliant fix male designer: i love it narrator: which created thousands of new customers
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4:29 pm
eight air strikes in iraq and syria since yesterday. among the targets, an isis training camp and a logistics hub. we heard isis was nearing kobani. maybe they had been pushed back for a bit. now they are within two miles? >> that's right. we have been watching that advance, spending most of the day along the border where you could see isis fighters actually moving around on the syrian side. with complete impunity. we saw mortars handing. at least three civilians wounded. what kind of casualties were caused by that, most certainly the population there calling for the coalition to do even more. because isis at this stage does not seem to be significantly impacted by the coalition air strikes. we spoke exclusively to an isis
4:30 pm
fighter to try to gain an understanding of how it is that the organization still continues to survive. >> we are interviewing him on skim. he is an isis fighter but he won't speak directly to a woman so that's why he is asking the questions. since the coalition air strikes in syria, isis banned all communications. with permission from his amir, he traveled closer to the border with iraq. to be able to access the internet for this interview. >> translator: we've been ready for this for some time. we know our bases are known because they're tracking with us radars and satellites so we had back yum low cases. they thought they knew everything but thank god they don't know anything and god willing, we will defeat the infidels. >> reporter: he says he was with the fighters who overran mosul and that they knew how easy it would be to push out the iraqi army and seize their weapons and
4:31 pm
armor. much of it american made. >> this thing was all plan and prepared. there was nothing that was by chance. it was all organized. >> he scoffs at the coalition strikes on the oil installations and other targets. >> translator: we have revenue other than oil. we have other. >>s and our finances won't stop just because of oil losses them hit us in some areas and we advance in others. if we are pushed back in iraq, we advance in northern syria. these strikes cannot stop us, our support or our fighters. >> reporter: when the coalition air triks began there was a sense of relief among many syrians that finally the international community and the united states would do something to end isis' brutal reign. since then there has been a sense of dismay and growing anger toward america and this
4:32 pm
coalition that it has built. because they do believe that it has a moral obligation to really halt isis' advances, especially when it comes to that town of kobani unsiege. >> i want to bring in now the retired colonel. he served during the iraqi surge. he's also a partner in a company that does consulting work in baghdad. colonel, i want to give you a chance to respond to that incredible report. an isis fighter telling her, we've been ready for this for some time. we have back yum locations. they thought they knew everything but thank god they don't know anything. is this bluster or possibly true? >> i'm sure it's true.
4:33 pm
it is a good propaganda line as well but that doesn't mean they didn't do any damage. over time, build a great isis bit by bit. i think what this shows, especially given what is going on in kobe ani now, the real limitations of the president's strategy. when you don't have the u.s. special forces teams or any forward air controllers on the ground. air strikes are a very limited tool and they're not changing the complexity of the battle. isis is still making gains there. >> what do you make of the fact that isis fighter chose to talk to her? to get the approval. he said of his amir and to go a place where he could get an internet connection to talk to her on skype. >> it's i think as we've seen, the shislamic, thas booking pag have been shut down so they may have seen this as an opportunity to get out their message.
4:34 pm
they're very adem at understanding what analysts want to hear. how to get their message out. how to speak to their followers. >> ironic that they are talking to journalists. do you believe that the argument that they're making that they haven't found all of their locations? also, that they're advancing. now, she is recording they are two miles from kobani. they have been pushed back in other places. do you think they are gaining ground? >> well, they are. they're gaining ground around the kurdish areas of northern syria. they're gaining ground in anbar province. they overran an iraqi base last week. so that is actually a true statement. but they're losing in other places, mosul dam was taken and they're losing in air strikes.
4:35 pm
right now the momentum is in the balance and it remains to be seen, who will seize the strategic momentum going forward from here. >> and let me ask you. a big part of the problem was intelligence failures for the entire situation. the coalition and the united states are facing. yesterday the president of the united states went farther than he has before and he admitted that something went wrong. >> he did. >> well, i think our head of the intelligence community, jim clammer has acknowledged that they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> you know, intelligence officials are telling cnn there are multiple reports about isis' rise in the months before. even the point man in iraq had said at one point, the more this al qaeda gains strength and roots, the bigger they will be. so is the administration not even listening to its own intelligence? >> i think it had mixed signals.
4:36 pm
brett was saying this, the ambassador. our ambassador to iraq was talking about it. gentle flynn was talking about it. i think these were seen as the outlying voices. many people thought this was just a local jump rising against the al-maliki regime. that this was more about iraq's internal politics than it was about the islamic state. once they started attack the kurds, we lost all illusions about that. i think that was a competing narrative in the time the president is talking about. >> now the united states is saying, look, rely on these iraqi forces on the ground. i've made this point repeatedly. the u.s. spent 25 billion to train these forces. many of them fled. now they'll try to reenlist some of the ones they abandoned. >> you have to start with good leadership. and there has to be a commitment
4:37 pm
by the prime minister to put in confident military leaders based on their military skills and not on their political allegiances. once you have that leadership in place, then you can train the soldiers. equip them and get them to fight. but not until then. i think also, what this shows is that we're going to need a lot more u.s. advisers on the ground. we have a small team with each brigade. that's not going to be nearly enough to train this force up. and we saw the limitations of the force when the iraqi base in anbar province got overrun. >> thanks very much to both of you. up next, a new report showing that alarms were shut off at the white house, designed to warn of intruders. the intruder overpowered a secret service agent and could have gotten into the family's living quarters, it seems. plus, the biggest protest in hong kong in decades.
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first we were told the man was tackled right after breaking through the front door. you see him there. he walk in the front door. they said they tackled him. it turns out that's not the case. the man made it much farther than previously disclosed. he ran right past the stairs. >> that's right. sources have confirmed, that omar gonzalez made it much farther inside the white house than previously acknowledged by the secret service. according to sources, once gonzalez entered the white house, and you can see it on the screen. he managed to get past a secret service officer at the north portico door. then went past the stairs leading to the first family
4:43 pm
residence. he then made it to the east room before he was tackled as he was trying to head to the green room. no shots were fired. according to a memo that will be used by lawmaker on the house oversight committee on a hearing, there were multiple lapse that's allowed gonzalez to make it this far. one of them being the failure to use what's called the quote, crash button. that would have instantly locked down the white house. the question is why that button was not pushed. and all of this runs counter to what was initially said the night of the fence jumping inls dent when they told reporters he was just inside the north portico door. the director of the secret service is scheduled to testify on all of this before the house oversight committee tomorrow. >> pretty terrifying when you think about it. he ran in and maybe didn't know exactly where he was going. that someone could have run up to the first family's residence. if those children were home, the president was home. it is really incredible.
4:44 pm
my understanding also is that programs there was some alarm that could have been sounded. they did not like the noise of it? >> that was something that would be asked. we'll have to find out just how much of this will be in front of the cameras. part of this hearing tomorrow will be in closed session. we might not hear all these details. talked about publicly by the secret service director. but erin, this is obviously very frightening. the first family we should point out had just left for camp david four minutes at or before gonzalez made his way inside the white house. this was a very close call. i would speck the secret service will be asked about this throughout the incident. and also the incident? 2011 when somebody was shooting bullets at the white house, the secret service initially gave a stand down order saying no shots were fired and of course they found out days later when an usher found a bullet hole in a
4:45 pm
window that shots were indeed fired at the white house. and later on, mr. and mrs. obama were furious and the white house acknowledged that. today having said all of that, they say the president is confident in the secret service. at least he is tonight. >> thank you very much. "outfront" next, thousands are taking to the streets in the largest demonstrations in hong kong. police responding with tear gas, peopler spray, fears of a violent crackdown are growing. live in hong kong. and jeanne moos on george clooney's wedding. people with type 2 diabetes
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and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. now a look at what's coming up on "ac360." >> the breaking and extremely troubling news about the so-called white house fence jumper. we're learning as you reported, the suspect didn't just make it through front door of the white house but ran through several rooms, overpowered at least one secret service agent in the process. we'll talk to the reporter who broke the story and the former secret service agent. also, president obama said his intelligence team underestimated
4:50 pm
isis. is that true? was the white house caught off guard? keeping them honest tonight. plus what authorities in virginia >> we'll see you in just a few moments. the breaking news tonight out of hong kong. tens of thousands of protesters are bracing for violent clashes with police. they're blocking hong kong's major highways in historic political protests. police have fired tear gas, pepper spray in a crackdown. demonstrators so far have not back down. they say hong kong should be allowed to elect its own leader. andrew stevens joins me from hong kong's financial district. they fired tear gas, pepper spray. are the protesters backing down at all? >> reporter: absolutely not. they like to see it as peaceful defiance, erin. they also say they're going to stay here until they get the changes that they're calling for. it's just about 10 minutes till 8:00 in the morning here so a new day is beginning.
4:51 pm
if you can look around all these people have been camping out here. right down here you see university stoopts. a lot of people wearing black because that is to show solidarity against the police action that we saw. you mentioned that pepper spray and those tear gas attacks. that happened about 24 hours ago. and it absolutely shocked so many people in hong kong. it actually backfired on the police in that they -- the people started coming out more and more to support the students, to support the protesters. what you're seeing here is the absolute minimum number of people we've seen here for the haas 24 hours. expect these numbers to really swell again. the defiance is here. it's well defined. if you look down here straight at the financial district. this is civil disobedience to bring this city to a halt to get those political aims achieved. at the moment, though, the catchword is peaceful after 50 people were injured 24 hours
4:52 pm
ago. there is concerns, what is beijing going to do. how are they going to react to this? so far they've said this is an illegal dwagathering. but the riot police which were everywhere here now 24 hours ago are nowhere to be seen. it is a standoff and it is right now a peaceful standoff. >> right now peaceful, as you said, it's 10 of 8:00 in the morning and we'll see what happens. as there's been tear gas and pepper spray. this is hong kong where you are standing right now. is mainland china seeing this coverage at all? >> reporter: they've seen some of it. cnn was allowed to be broadcast yesterday and in the hours during those pepper spray and tear gas attacks. so there has been some coverage in mainland china, but remember, cnn is limited a very select number of television viewers in china. as far as social media is concerned, there is very little
4:53 pm
social media. the big social media that we're familiar with, facebook, twitter, youtube, all banned. instagram is available in china and it has been closed in so many areas. so they really are putting a lid on what's information is getting out across the border here into mainland china. obviously, the last thing they want to see are street protests which could theoretically at least lead to a change in politics. beijing does not want to see that. >> makes the arab spring pale in care opinion. the paparazzi and police competing for pictures the of george clooney and his wife. jeanne moos on the super bowl of photo ops. ♪ who's going to do it? who's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves. get more clean water to everyone. who's going to take the leap? who's going to write the code?
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just moments ago chelsea clinton and her baby girl charlotte left the hospital. charlotte was born friday at lennox hill in new york city. chelsea, her husband marc mezvinsky and charlotte were joined by chelsea's parents. bill and hillary clinton's only child, charlotte is their first grandchild. sort of like reminds me of the whole kate and william moment. isn't it even the same dress? all right. well, speaking of weddings and babies, hollywood's most eligible bachelor was married over the weekend in a wedding fit for the movies.
4:58 pm
what a strange sequence of stories on this program. anyway, here's jeanne moos on george clooner, his leading lady and the boat chase aboard the amore. >> reporter: forget the wedding march. this is the wedding flotilla. perhaps the most watery wedding ever. the boat occupied by george clooney and his bride, at times penned in by the paparazzi. for days photographers chased the couple through the canals of venice despite their police escort. but hey, even the police seem to be taking pictures. clooney and amal alamuddin didn't seem to mind. when reporters begged, george responded, even though the press sometimes seemed to want to just rub it in. >> this is your last boat ride as a single man. >> reporter: their floating love nest was dubbed amore. ♪ when the world seems to shine
4:59 pm
like it has too much wine ♪ ♪ that's amore >> reporter: dean martin would have fit right in. guests like matt damon, bill murray, bono and anna wintour were likewise shuffled around on boats. amal's dress made it tricky to board without giving the tabloids the kind of headline they live for. it's the first leg of their trip. tweeted one waterlogged wedding watcher, if i ever get married again, i'm going to go up and down a canal in a boat, too. but the canals of venice weren't the only source of water works. e-news tweeted about all the clooney fans getting teary-eyed reading the wedding details. ♪ all the girls i've loved before ♪ >> ciao. >> reporter: the only obstacle in way of the clooney cavalcade, a giant cruise ship. steer clear, george, the last thing you want on your honeymoon
5:00 pm
is to kiss the bride with a norovirus. >> congratulations, george! >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. that's true, you don't need any red bags on your honeymoons. thanks so much for watching. have a wonderful night. see you back here tomorrow night. "a krrc 360" begins right now. >> we begin with new reporting on the white house fence jumper who may have not just jumped the fence, not only sprinted across the front lawn, not only made it through the north portico and the front door of the white house, all that was concerning enough. now according to a councilman omar gonzalez made it much farther and deeper into 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we were given to believe that secret service agents stopped him just as he got inside the white house. tomorrow the secret serviceman will speak before the congressional committee. what they're telling jim


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